Iran Train Tour

Discover Iran On A Private Train

Iran Train Tour offers an opportunity to visit the cultural and historical heritage sites of Iran, boarding on a 5-star train which offers a high level of comfort and services in a pleasant atmosphere. Iran Train Tour covers all of the above in about 2 weeks in which passengers are served on board or in 5 star hotels for dining and sleeping.

Amenities & Options To Spend Your Time

Discover Iran On A Private Train

There’s nothing quite like travelling by train, listening to the rhythmic rumble as the wheels’ clack over the tracks and the world flashes past the window of your compartment. Boarding The Persian Caravan train will lead to an iconic experience of natural and picturesque landscapes almost impossible to see on a road trip. It will provide a unique and memorable experience for travelers with a sense of adventure.

The Persian Caravan - Discover Iran by Private Train

On-Board Facilities & Amenities

24-hour service in each car, facilities include a bathroom in each car, air-conditioning, a library, free WIFI, LCD screen and a large windows to watch the world go by ensures a memorable experience.

Persian Cuisine On-Board

You can have food in a double decker restaurant with a magnificent and pleasant environment which has the seating capacity for 96 people. Guests will be served with a range of healthy, tasty dishes. Passengers in the train will be served with a wide range of Iranian and exotic entrees, main courses and desserts and after the meal there hopefully a friendly conversation.

Looking for Something Different?

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